8 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Different kinds of conditions can be caused by simple knee pain, and speaking of healing treatments, everything depends on the prime cause.

Knee pain after injury

Potential causes: Symptoms:
Dislocation of a kneecap Changes in the kneecap shape
Strains and sprains Appearance of pain after twisting or overusing
Tendonitis Pain located between the shin and the kneecap
Damage of a cartilage Not be able to straighten

Pain in the knee but with no obvious injury

Potential causes: Symptoms:
Gout Quick pain attacks
Osteoarthritis Pain in both knees accompanied with mild swelling
Bleeding in the joint Bruising, warmth and swelling
Bursitis Not be able to bend/redness and warm knee

Like we said on the very beginning, the healing treatments depend a lot by the crime cause of knee pain. Additionally there are some exercises which will help you to reduce and relieve the pain. The pain can be reduce and you will be able to move freely by using some tips from Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist born in New Zealand, dedicated to knee pain reliving exercises.

First Exercise:  Start the exercise with siting in a chair with feet set flat on the ground. Start the stretching by strengthening the affected knee until you feel a contraction in the thighs. Keep in that position for a few seconds and then put back the foot in the first position.

Second Exercise:  Make Knee Extension in Siting position

Firstly sit on a chair and raise the heel of the affected knee or use a chair to put the heel with similar height with the knee.  Relax the knee and straighten the leg in duration of two seconds and go back to the previous position. Repeat the exercise for ten more times.  Place your hands above the knee, pushing down straighten the knees with your hands, stay in this position for two seconds.  Also repeat ten more times.

Third exercise: Knee Extension in Standing

For this exercise you must stand with the heel of the affected knee on the floor or make a low step. Stretch forward with your hands and place them above the knee. While pushing down, straighten the knees with both hands until you feel the knee is stretched. Repeat again and stay in this position for two seconds than go back to the previous position. Do the exercise for ten more times.

Forth exercise: start the exercise with siting. Twist the knee and pull the leg towards the chest using your both hands placed above the ankle. Pull the heel in the direction of the buttocks and stay in the position for two seconds. Go back to the starting position and repeat ten times.

Fifth exercise: Knee flexion in Standing

Stand and place the heel of the affected knee on a stool. Grasp on the chair for balance but only if you need. By leaning forward push the buttocks in the direction of the heel. Hold it for two seconds and do it ten more times.

Note: if you feel not so comfortable during this exercise, use a folded towel behind the knee.

Sixth exercise: Knee Flexion in Kneeling

Put a cushion under the knees and kneel on all fours. Knee back on the heels with the hands placed on the floor, knee back until you feel a stretch in the knees. Stay for two seconds and do it again, six to ten times.

Raise the hands of the floor and sit on the knees and repeat the stretch this time.

Seventh exercise: Knee Strengthening in Standing, Chair Squat holding door knob

Stand with your feet width apart with the shoulders and place a chair just behind you in front of an open door. Use the door to hold on the door knobs. While holding the door knob sit back until you feel the stretching, repeat ten times, two times per day.

Eight exercise: Knee Strengthening in Standing, One legged Knee bend

Stand on the affected knee along the edge of a step. Twist the leg and lower the pain-free leg. Point the center of the knee forward and remain in this position for two seconds. Do this exercise ten time, two times per day.




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