World Renowned Heart Surgeon Reveals: This Is The Real Reason Behind Heart Disease

One internationally-known heart surgeon with more than 25 years of experience has finally opened up and admitted that he and his colleagues have been doing an enormous mistake throughout the years. He said that the belief that heart diseases occur as a result of increased levels of cholesterol in which most of the people believed is wrong. And doctors treated it with wrong medications so far. On the contrary, he claimed that the heart diseases occur as a result of an inflammation of the artery wall. According to the Heart Association in America, more than 75 million of people suffer from heart disease, 57 million suffer from pre-diabetes, and 20 million have diabetes.

Cholesterol accumulates in the artery walls as a result of inflammation, which if untreated, it later leads to heart disease and strokes. If the inflammation is treated, the cholesterol will move throughout the body freely.Inflammation, in fact, is the body response to foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins.  The constant exposure to invaders leads to chronic inflammation. Our dietary habits which are rich in carbs and polyunsaturated fats, damage the blood vessels and lead to chronic inflammation. Therefore, the medicine recommended diets low in fats although they are the main cause of inflammation of the blood vessels.

Usually, chronic inflammation is caused by the excessive intake of highly processed carbs, and omega-6 oils like soybean, sunflower, and corn oil. The consumption of carbs like sugar for instance, increase the sugar levels in the blood and the insulin production of the pancreas. Its major role is to transport sugar in each sell whereas is later transformed into energy. When the cells are full, the extra sugar molecules accumulate in the body by attaching to proteins and thus, injuring the blood vessels and stimulating inflammation.

The modern dietary habits that we have cause an imbalance of these two fats. In addition, these foods cause weight gain that contributes to the development of fat cells.

Our body is not programmed to consume a large amount of processed and packaged foods; therefore it cannot fight their severe effect imposed on the health. So, the only way to protect our health is to consume natural foods, veggies, fruits, and more protein, the surgeon advises. Moreover, instead of omega-6 fats such as soybean and corn oil, try using butter from grass-fed beef or olive oil.

So, try to eat the diet of your grandparents, and forget about the processed foods which defined our era. Focus on raw and fresh foods as much as you can. Whenever possible, consume nutrient-dense foods, since such a diet is going to reverse the damage imposed to your arteries and improve your overall heart health by avoiding inflammation.


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