Here Is How a Kid That Has Never Taken a Gram of Sugar In Her Life Looks Like Today

It’s almost impossible to avoid sugar and processed ingredients nowadays because the modern diets are extremely rich in them. However, Grace Cooper, a two-and-a-half-year old baby, has never tried processed sugar because her parents managed to protect her from all products that contain hidden sugar.

It’s quite obvious in the markets that almost all of the products contain sugar. In fact, it can be found even in the baby formulas in a form of melamine, a chemical used for plastic production. Unfortunately, a lot of Chinese baby died as a result of polluted baby formulas.

Although all food products for babies are believed to be completely safe and organic, they are rich in preservatives and processed sugars. So, it may take a lot of time to learn how to find the best organic baby food products.

Shan, Grace’s mom, explains that as soon as her daughter becomes old enough, she would have her a chance to understand her preferences in terms of their diet, i.e. whether she will keep on doing this healthy diet or not.

Shan says that when Grace will grow old, she will go to kid’s parties and eat what’s there. In that case, she would not be able to go after her daughter telling her what she can or cannot eat.

Because of the fact that Shan fought against food allergies all her life, she made her own diet to prevent similar problems. She stopped consuming gluten-rich foods, processed foods, and diary. She firmly believes that nutrient-rich diet is the main reason for having a strong immunity for her baby. The mother added that Grace is resistant to colds and coughs, unlike other children. Grace had cold once in her life only.

Shan says that one day Grace would probably come home one overdosed with cupcakes and say that she doesn’t feel well. So, the next time, instead of eating 11 cupcakes, she will eat 3. Most of the females have eating disorders nowadays. And because of that, Shan wants Grace to eat what makes her feel good and happy. More and more people become aware that thing that makes them happy is definitely not sugar. But, not everyone is determined to do the switch.


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