Lower Uric Acid With The Help of These 6 Fruits

Gout represents extremely complex type of arthritis which might affect almost everyone. If not treated on time, it might cause additional health complications. Therefore, to prevent it, you need to take appropriate medications and have a proper diet.

Numerous factors might increase the risk of gout, such as low-calorie diet and excessive consumption of fish, meat, and alcohol. To prevent it, start consuming more fruits and vegetables. The inclusion of the following 6 fruits into your diet will lower the acid levels in your urine:

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, and grapefruits contain high content of vitamin C and treats uric acid due to its ability to lower the chemical levels.


They lower the levels of uric acid and reduce the inflammation of joints by gout. To lower the swelling, just follow a simple banana diet consisting of 8 bananas on a daily basis for 4 days.


They lower the uric acid levels effectively due to their capacity to neutralize the chemical compounds in the body. Either eat them directly or add them to smoothies.


They are rich in malic acid that neutralizes the uric acid. Eat an apple after each meal.


They are rich in anthocyanin which is commonly known for its powerful anti-inflammatory features and capacity to lower the uric acid levels. It prevents the crystallization of uric acid and its accumulation in the joints. It prevents pain and inflammation by neutralizing the acids. Take 200 g of cherries on a daily basis to treat uric acid effectively.


They contain high amount of vitamin C and anthocyanins that lower uric acid levels.

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