Scientists Believe This Might Be The Healthiest Fruit In The World – It Can Cure a List of Diseases

Health benefits of dates:

Rich in iron –They are rich in iron and for that reason, they are used for treatment of anemia; 100 grams of dates contain 0,90 grams of iron, which equals 11% of the daily needed intake.

Problems with diarrhea – Dates have calcium which treats diarrhea. They refresh the stomach flora too. Moreover, the regular consumption of dates produces good germs in the stomach.

Dates improve digestive function – The dates contain sugars which makes them a perfect alternative for the white sugar. Dates suppress hunger and are easily digested. Due to their high content of nutrients, dates are ideal cure for treatment of numerous health issues. They control the blood count, prevent anemia, cardiovascular issues, cholesterol, strokes, and cancer.

Constipation – Dates promote digestion, thus eliminating harmful toxins and preventing constipation. Just soak some dates in water and let them stay there during the night. They will release fruit juices which acts like laxatives. They will improve intestines and the actual fibers are going to accelerate the metabolism.

Improve delivery – Studies conducted in the University of Science and Technologies in Jordan proved that dates consumption within 4 weeks lowered the pain and bleeding prior to baby delivering; In addition, dates decreased the risk of postpartum depression in women and increased the amount of milk in their boobies.

Better body weight – Dates are ideal for the diet programs since they control hunger. Moreover, they contain numerous nutrients that boost weight loss and lower the cholesterol levels.

Lowers high pressure – Dates are rich in magnesium. 5 dates provide 80 mg of magnesium which dilate the arteries. According to studies, 370 mg of magnesium on a daily basis are ideal for lowering of the blood pressure.

Better heart health – Dates are the best when it comes to fighting against heart problems. People suffering from any heart issue should consume dates on a daily basis. Soak several dates in water and let them stay like that during the night. Consume them the following morning.

Eye’s vitamins – Dates are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin (eyes vitamin) which improve eye retina and macula. Dates are responsible for prevention of macular damage which occurs as a result of aging.

Improve the sex drive -Soak a couple of dates in milk and let them stay like that overnight. Eat dates and milk every morning. You can also add some cardamom and honey. This mixture works for both genders. It will give you more strength and energy.

Prevent strokes – Dates contain potassium which protects the neuro system. According to scientists, dates lower the risk of stroke by 40% if you eat them regularly.

Food for your brain – Dates contain phosphorus which improve the brain’s function.


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