Regulate Your Blood Pressure Using Garlic – Here Is How Many Cloves You Should Consume

Garlic is one of the most potent veggie ever known to the world. According to experts, garlic is extremely beneficial for our health. That’s why it’s an inevitable part of many natural remedies. Most of the time, it’s used against high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Garlic provides numerous health benefits thanks to its high content of alicin, a rare compound which is also found in onions. Alicin is amazing for the blood vessels since it cleanses them and makes them flexible. Moreover, alicin prevents plaque accumulation which is the major reason for stroke or heart attack.

Garlic is best when consumed and used fresh and row. Cooking eliminates the most of alicin in garlic. All you have to do is to crush or chop several garlic cloves and let them stay for 15 minutes in order the allicin to activate. Then, eat it or add it in your meals.

You can find it in tablets or in powder form. However, neither version of garlic is as effective as the fresh garlic.

How much garlic do we need?

For people suffering of high blood pressure, the recommended dosage of garlic is 1 gram. However, consult your doctor for the proper garlic dosage. According to experts, consume 10 garlic cloves on a daily basis in order to keep your cardiovascular system healthy and to function properly.

Consult your doctor before eating the right dosage of garlic, since it might interfere with certain medications and provoke side-effects.


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